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Corporate Profile

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Corporate Profile

Engineered Conveyor Solutions

ECS offers a unique, comprehensive suite of products and services which support the conveying needs of the mining, power generation and bulk handling markets.

ECS business model and value creation

ECS is a recognised leader in the global conveying market, under the “Fenner”, “Fenner Dunlop” and “Dunlop”­ brand names.

ECS has developed a comprehensive range of heavyweight belt products, including ply, solid woven and steel cord, which it manufactures in its plants around the world. ECS provides conveying services including monitoring, maintenance, design and installation and supply related components such as pulleys, drives and structure.

ECS offers commercial arrangements to its customers that vary from a purely transactional relationship to a full strategic partnership. Each type of product or service within the ECS portfolio provides benefits but the full value is only realised by the integrated offer which is optimised to reduce the customer’s conveyor downtime and total cost of ownership. Flexible solutions can also be adopted to respond to a customer’s market constraints.

ECS is organised as a single global business, which reflects both a trend amongst its largest mining customers to procure belting products and services on a global basis and its strategy to accelerate growth in non-traditional regions. Within this structure, ECS has three regional business groupings (Americas, Asia Pacific and EMEA) which enable it to respond flexibly to the local needs of individual customers.

ECS has strong global coverage, with particular strengths in Australia and the USA. Its organisational structure should assist it in developing positions in newer mining markets to offset potential future declines in revenue from customers in more traditional areas such as Europe.

Business Model Diagram

Examples of ECS products and services

Solid woven

Solid Woven

Fenaplast solid woven conveyor belting is fire resistant to the most stringent safety standards. With a one piece carcass and integral covers, it is ideal for coal and underground application.

Steel cord

Steel Cord

Made on state-of-the-art equipment with high specification pre-tensioned steel cords encased in premium rubber compounds, it is used on the longest, fastest high capacity conveyor systems in the world.


Conveyor Service

Our safety culture, advanced technical procedures, quality assurance, state-of-the-art expertise, complete set of competencies, continual innovation and overall professionalism sets Fenner apart.