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Case Studies

Each regional supplier can give detailed examples of where Fenner Dunlop products have saved time, resources and extended lifetimes of service. See the regional websites for more details.

World Coal, August 2004

Spitsbergen holds several "most northerly" titles - the world's most northerly marathon is run there, the most northerly webcam is sited there and it also home to the world's most northerly coal mine.

Looking at pictures of Spitsbergen's glaciers and snow and ice covered mountains, it is hard to imagine a thriving community living and working there on a permanent basis, let alone producing coal at one of the most productive longwall mining faces in Europe.

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Ravensworth Overland

When it came to looking at upgrading the old Ravensworth East Overland System that carries product into the Macquarie Generation Power Stations from the Mount Owen side of Hebden Road just outside Singleton in NSW, Hunter Valley Coal Corporation set about looking at their options. The performance of the existing belt was a good start point and upon closer inspection it was realised that the bulk of the 6000m+ of belt on the M6, M7 & M8 systems was an old Apex Ply Belt KN150 (Kuralon Nylon) 4Ply with 3x1.5mm M grade covers and was approaching 20 years operating life.

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Anglo Coal's Goedehoop Colliery ( a member of the Anglo American plc group ) situated in Mpumalanga Province South Africa produces some 5.3 million tons of coal per annum for export. A recent decision to develop an underground section known as Block 8 necessitated the installation of an 8 Kilometre overland conveyor system to carry coal to the processing plant.

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